Helpful Items That Charities Accept

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Shelters and charities need donations more than ever this year. Suppose you are looking to display your generosity this season but do not have the financial means for a monetary donation. In that case, there is a vast variety of helpful items that charities accept. There are essential life values from donating that can improve your wellbeing and the welfare of people struggling in your community.


Purge your home’s closets of unnecessary extras and donate them to your local shelter. Charities and secondhand shops generally take in gently worn t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and other clothing. Wash your textile donations before giving them away to ensure they are clean and stain free.

Seasonal Items

Some clothing items spike in demand as the seasons change. Consider sifting through old coats that are suitable for donations. Rain jackets, gloves, hats, and winter boots are also highly sought-after items when outside temperatures begin to dip, and precipitation becomes more common.

Clothing That Should Be New and Unused

It is convenient to simultaneously declutter while building a pile of clothes to donate. However, keep in mind that some clothing items cannot be worn prior to donation.

Socks ─ Most charities do not accept used socks, even if they are gently worn. For this reason, they are some of the less donated clothing items.

Underwear – Worn underwear cannot be donated to charities. You can purchase inexpensive packs of underwear sold in bulk to provide to local charities. Donate in various sizes to appeal to people of differing ages and body types.

Bedding Items – Review local charities’ guidelines to see whether they accept used bedding. Most donation centers prefer sheets and pillowcases that are new or unused as a health and safety precaution.


Hygienic products are some of the most overlooked helpful items that charities accept. Consider purchasing the following to give to charities to help promote the sanitary health of those in need:

  • Dental hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash
  • Bathing items such as small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body gel, and soap
  • Feminine products like tampons, disposable pads, and reusable pads
  • Toilet paper, baby wipes, and diapers
  • Deodorant, shaving cream, and razors
  • Combs and hairbrushes

Household Items

Outside of clothing and toiletry items, you can give old bicycles, cellphones, and other digital devices to accepting charities. Reusable bags and first-aid material are also things you can give to help your communal charity.

With the variety of materials that charities accept, you are sure to find feasible items to add to your donation list. Whether you are donating gently used or new materials this year, your donation is sure to make a positive impact on your community.

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