Home Remodeling Tips for a Growing Family

Home Remodeling Tips for a Growing Family

Many homeowners purchase a house in the hopes of one day turning it into a family home. However, as time goes on and kids begin to grow, that once-spacious house can begin to feel cramped. Rather than moving into an entirely new home, many people opt to renovate their existing home to suit their changing needs.

You can go about this in several ways. A DIY approach will help you save money, but completing projects while your kids are underfoot may be difficult. Working with a contractor is also a great option; it will ensure that the completed build accurately reflects your original design vision. Whether you’re working with a contractor or attempting your own hand at building, this guide explores three home remodeling tips for a growing family.

Repurpose existing rooms

Perhaps the simplest home remodeling tip for a growing family is to simply make do with the space you already have. Repurposing existing rooms to suit your family’s changing needs is a great way to renovate the space without conducting a complete overhaul of your house. You can easily convert a home office or guest room into a nursery or extra bedroom for your children. If your kids are reaching their teenage years and interested in a bit more privacy, consider renovating the attic into an extra bedroom. This will enable you to repurpose their old bedrooms while providing them with the space and freedom they desire.

Build an addition

If you can’t reimagine the space in your home in a different layout, it may be in your best interests to construct an addition instead. Adding onto your home can be a very large undertaking, and it will require a significant amount of planning. However, it will pay off in the long run and add a significant amount of square footage onto your home. Popular home additions include extending the living room or expanding the kitchen. Even expanding these spaces by a few square feet will provide you with a significant increase in livable space. You can also expand a ranch-style home to include a second level, which you can use for additional bedrooms.

Maximize outdoor space

When livable space inside your house reaches its capacity, it may be time to venture outdoors. Building a deck or patio space will give your family members a place to stretch their legs when the house gets too crowded. Consider adding a few recreational features in your backyard for your kids, such as a swing set or a sand pit. Adding a fence around the yard will also establish it as a more usable space and ensure your kids’ safety while they play outdoors.


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