Homemade Crafts You Can Do with Industrial Rope

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While manual labor work and storage of large parcel use industrial-grade rope more than any other application, this material provides its user with many creative options. Around the home, in particular, you can use rope to create anything from décor to tools, so only your imagination can limit the possibilities. If you want a few creative ideas, try some of these crafts you can do with industrial rope.

Rope Hammock

You don’t need to go out and purchase an expensive hammock to lounge in your back garden. With a coil of rope and a bit of patience, you can weave one yourself and save a bit of extra cash. Make sure you use very strong, high-quality, industrial rope for this project, as your hammock will need to hold up against your weight and the elements. Once you finish weaving, you can also take the project one step further by interlacing the cross-hates with fabric. This will add an extra pop of color to the piece and protect your skin from the scratchy rope.

Rope Swing

Rope swings are a popular backyard addition if you have young children. Consisting of a simple, spiral cord of rope and a sturdy seat, these swings offer endless fun for the whole family at a very low cost. The user’s weight is focused exclusively on the rope cord, so it’s crucial you use the right type of industrial rope. This will ensure the rope holds up to the stress and doesn’t accidentally break while you swing on it.

Woven Tote Bags

If you want to start implementing sustainable practices, and reduce how many plastic bags you use, carry tote bags around with you. For a larger impact, try making these bags yourself with recycled rope. This will help you use some of your excess resources while creating something you can regularly utilize. Depending on how you decide to weave your tote, they can be very creative and fashionable.

Rope-Framed Mirror

You can also use industrial rope for your restoration projects. By spiraling the rope around the outer edges of an old mirror, you can make it more attractive to the eye. The style you should create is up to you, just find a design that fits in your home.

Rope Area Rugs

Another option is to incorporate a bit of rustic style into your home’s design with a woven rope rug. This project allows for more creativity because you can experiment with a series of different weaving techniques and layouts. Some styles to consider are twisting, braiding, swirling, and coiling. With several designs to choose from, you can create a piece that properly extenuates your home’s style.

Rope Coasters

Like area rugs, rope coasters are an additional way to release some of your creative energy. Since rope is available in various colors and dimensions, you can create different looks and find something you like. These pieces will also be custom and unique to your home, so your personality will shine in its design.

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