Horse-Riding Equipment Every Beginner Needs

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Horse-Riding Equipment Every Beginner Needs

Learning how to ride a horse isn’t like riding a bike; there’s another living thing right below you! Whether you’re learning or have a loved one with an equestrian interest, you’ll need certain supplies and gear to get started.

The right set of tools will ensure your and your horse’s comfort and safety. Get yourself the horse-riding equipment every beginner needs before you start learning.

Horse-Riding Apparel

Horseback riding apparel isn’t just for the aesthetic; it also protects you from harm. Riding shirts and pants are flexible enough to ride without chafing. You’ll also need riding boots to protect your feet in the stirrups.

Other pieces of riding apparel you’ll need include the following:

  • Helmet
  • Half chaps
  • Safety vest

Horseback riding gear makes great gifts for horse lovers; gift the equestrian in your life custom boots, or put them on your own gift list this holiday season.


A saddle is one of the most important pieces of horse-riding equipment every beginner needs. It’s not just for your own comfort; it also benefits your horse. Saddles distribute the rider’s weight for stability and offer support where the rider needs it most.

You’ll also need saddle pads and girths to complete the setup. A girth wraps around the underside of your horse to hold the saddle in place. Pads sit beneath the saddle to reduce uncomfortable friction against the horse’s coat.

Reigns and Bits

Horses rely on certain tools to understand directions. Reins and bits help riders clearly communicate their wants. These pieces of equipment gently guide your horse’s head and tell them when, where, and how to move.

Riders use different kinds of reigns and bits depending on the type of activity their doing. For example, competitive riders use romal reigns, while hobby riders use split reigns. Make sure you have the right tools for your activity to prevent discomfort and confusion in your horse.

Grooming Supplies

Much of horse riding involves learning how to take care of your companion. Grooming your horse keeps them healthy and looking great for rides. Here are some common grooming supplies you’ll need:

  • Fly spray
  • Soft and hard brushes
  • Hoof picks
  • Sponges and cloths

Clean hooves are essential for your horse’s health. Hoof picks clear debris and keep infections at a minimum. Sponges, brushes, and fly spray keep your horse’s coat shiny and free of pests.

Now, you’re ready to start riding the right way! Your horse and equipment are investments; take care of them to get the most out of your new hobby.

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