How Hard Is It To Keep a Chicken Coop?

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If you’re an animal lover looking for a fun way to utilize your backyard to its fullest potential, you may have considered adopting chickens as pets. For someone who has never owned chickens before, the thought of suddenly taking responsibility for a few hens may seem daunting at first. When you’re serious about taking care of chickens, whether for fun or for eggs, it’s important to first ask one big question: how hard is it to keep a chicken coop?

Starting the Coop

The difficulty of a chicken coop, especially with its construction, depends on how much effort you want to put in. If you intend on building a coop from the ground up, you may have more difficulty than if you were to buy a prebuilt chicken coop. A prefabricated chicken coop will make it easier to begin raising chickens immediately, but it may not have your desired appearance or amount of space. You may need to make slight alterations to achieve the coop construction you desire.

Constructing a chicken coop on your own isn’t the most difficult DIY project, but it will require knowledge of tools and the acquisition of the correct supplies. If you’re looking for something in between full construction and prefabrication, consider altering an existing building—such as a shed—to fit the needs of your chickens. Just remember that you need a chicken run and a protected space for your hens to sleep safely.

Keeping Your Chickens

One of the fun parts of preparing your chicken coop is picking out your residents. Each breed of chicken is different and requires a unique level of care compared to other breeds. As a beginner, the Rhode Island Red breed is one of the easiest keepers in temperament, care, and hardiness. You’ll need to schedule a daily routine for chicken care and coop maintenance, but once you have the routine memorized, and it becomes part of your daily life, chicken care will be a breeze.

So, how hard is it to keep a chicken coop? Keeping chickens isn’t that difficult with proper discipline, a comfy coop, and a regular schedule. As long as you maintain your coop within city or town guidelines, your hens will happily produce eggs for you as a reward for all your efforts.

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