How Retractable Screen Doors Increase Your Property Value

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How Retractable Screen Doors Increase Your Property Value

Retractable screen doors are great for letting air in and keeping pesky insects out. But while they’re a great addition to any home, people looking to sell their property may wonder if it’s an install that can actually increase their home’s resale value. To help you answer that question, here’s exactly how retractable screen doors increase your property value.

Fit With Any Décor Style

When setting up your home for potential buyers, one of the main goals you want to achieve is to make the home feel like a blank canvas. You want the people walking through your home to be able to imagine themselves living there. Therefore, retractable screen doors are the perfect upgrade and can fit in with the style of any potential buyer. Not only do they come in a myriad of styles and customization options, but you can also retract them whenever you want them out of sight.

Add to Curb Appeal

When trying to attract potential buyers, you want the outside of your home to be able to turn as many heads as possible. This is because a buyer won’t book a walkthrough if the outside of the home doesn’t immediately catch the eye. Retractable window screens can show off your home and your windows and even allow insight into the interior to buyers on the lookout. Plus, it just makes the exterior of your home look that much nicer.

Increase Energy Efficiency

While there are many factors to consider when installing these screens, your mesh’s material is the most important factor. This is because the right mesh can save you and any future owner a lot of money on your energy bill in the warmer months. You can keep your doors open while blocking out insects and some of the sun’s harsh rays while still allowing the airflow to cool your home. You’ll use your air conditioning less and run fewer fans to cool down.

Now that you know how retractable screen doors increase your property value, what’s stopping you from adding this convenient and simple installation to your home? There’s no easier way to encourage buyers to view your property.   

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