How To Clean Your Silver Items: Tips and Tricks

How To Clean Your Silver Items: Tips and Tricks

Whether it’s jewelry, silverware, or any other silver objects that you have around your home, keeping them clean can be a challenge. You can’t simply use soap and water, especially if they are tarnished. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks on how to clean your silver items.

Basic Cleaning

Sometimes the silver object in question needs a simple cleaning. In cases like this, making a simple mixture of ammonia and water or using some window cleaning detergent will make quick work of the dirty piece of silver. For the ammonia and water, you will need to let the silver object soak, whereas with the window cleaner, you’ll need to scrub at it a bit. Because of that, you won’t want to use the cleaner on older, fragile objects.

Removing Tarnish

Some of the most popular methods for cleaning tarnish off silver are to line a bowl with aluminum and add hot water to it with either laundry detergent or baking soda mixed in. Both are quite effective, but we recommend baking soda for larger objects.

There are some more unconventional options as well. One is to put some ketchup on a paper towel and rub it in. If you have an area with lots of buildup, you should apply the ketchup directly and let it sit for a while before rubbing it off. Another strange option is using a non-gel toothpaste. The method for applying it is similar to the ketchup, so it really just comes down to which one you currently have at your house.

Dealing With Difficult Items

Delicate jewelry or silver-plated objects can be difficult to clean with the previous methods since they can get ruined easily. Fortunately, machines such as rotary tumblers exist, which clean and finish fragile pieces of silver without breaking them. If you go to any business that sells jewelry, they will likely have a rotary tumbler that you can pay to use.

However, if this is a constant problem, you can look into getting one of your own. There are many reasons why jewelers buy these machines, so if you ever want to clean silver in masses for a side business, you should look into getting one as well.

General Upkeep

Once you’ve gone through our tips and tricks on how to clean your silver items, it’ll be a good idea for you to keep up with polishing them to avoid excess dirt and tarnish in the future. There are plenty of silver polishing products in stores for you to buy, but if you are looking for a cheap and easy way to brush them up on the go, so can use any kind of hand sanitizer. Due to the global pandemic, pretty much everyone carries a bottle of this around, so you will always have one around if you need it.