How To Craft the Perfect Welcome Package for New Tenants

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How To Craft the Perfect Welcome Package for New Tenants

For some tenants, moving into a new home can be an anxiety-inducing experience, especially if they’re moving far from home. Helping them feel welcome helps you build an overall better relationship with your tenant by assuring them that you’re there to help them have a great rental experience. Here’s how to craft the perfect welcome package for new tenants to help them feel right at home.

Welcome Letter and Helpful Information

Welcome baskets are just one of many ways you can welcome a tenant into your rental property. If you don’t have many tenants, a handwritten or typed welcome letter is a great personalized way to show a tenant that you’re happy they’re there. If you have a lot of tenants, you can form a welcome letter template that’s easy for you to fill and print out for any tenant.

Along with the welcome letter, you may want to include any other relevant information. This can include emergency contact info, rent payment information, parking information, a list of utility companies with contact info, and anything else you deem relevant. While you can tell your tenants these things in person, they’ll also have a written copy on hand, making overall communication easier.

Basic Cleaning and Other Supplies

One of the most difficult parts of moving to a new home is remembering all the little things that you have to bring. Typically, people forget about having to buy toilet paper, sponges, and other small essentials. Giving them some supplies, even sample sizes, can hold them over until they have the time to go shopping. You can include soap, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, detergent, paper towels, or anything else they might need. It may seem like a small gift, but most people will be grateful.

Gift Cards and Local Specialties

If you’re looking to wow a tenant, gift cards to restaurants or activities in the area help tenants get to know the town and feel welcomed. You may even be able to strike up an advertising deal with local companies. You can also include any other local artisan crafts, such as wine, candles, and soaps. However, you may want to avoid food and other baked goods as you never know what kind of allergies a tenant may have.

Nurturing a healthy relationship with good boundaries is a great way to make the lives of you and your tenants run a little smoother. And knowing how to craft the perfect welcome package for new tenants can make a world of difference in the relationship between you and your tenants.

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