How To Find Volunteers for a Charity Event

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How To Find Volunteers for a Charity Event

Charities utilize donation drives to help many people within a community, and those that work at these events have a passion for making a difference. However, before the charity event occurs, the organization needs to find those passionate people to help the event go smoothly. If you wish to host a charity event and need volunteers, there are several methods you can use to find the helping hands you need.

Post Flyers Around Local Colleges

Many college students need to build up their résumés before they enter the workforce, while others need extra credit for a class. Placing flyers around a college campus will attract students with an interest in making a difference to volunteer at your charity event. College students are great workers and bring a friendly, local perspective to every event. And even when the charity work is as simple as providing directions for guests, plenty of college students want to help for the sake of helping.

Utilize Social Media

The use of social media makes spreading a message fast and easy, and when you need help finding volunteers for your charity event, social media becomes an essential tool. Many people use social media daily to connect with friends and learn about local events. People are more likely to come across your request for volunteers and reach out to see how they can contribute. Asking others you know to share your advertisement to help spread the word and attract more people to help with your mission.

Ask Around at Companies and Businesses

If you’re involved in your community, you may know of a few people who would be willing to help you at your charity event. Many businesses benefit from assisting charities as a team. Larger-scale businesses may offer time off for volunteering, which allows employees who decide to help at the event to give back to the community. For example, a department or team might spend the day helping you gather donations for veterans or other communities in need. Employees might also lend their expertise to your charity event, whether by assisting with your marketing or using their sales skills to engage potential donors.

Charity events are important, and using these methods to attract volunteers will make the event run smoothly. You’ll want to find as many volunteers as possible, as having more hands on deck typically leads to greater success.

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