How to Get Your Patio Ready for Fall

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With the new season in full swing, make sure your patio is ready to face the changing weather with these tips for how to get your patio ready for fall.


It’s important to clean your patio at the first sign of fall. Autumn leaves are beautiful, but they can be quite messy, especially if you live in a woodsy area. Keep a rake or broom near your patio for quick sweeps. If you’re really determined, power washing your patio can help preserve the clean longer, and it may make your spring cleaning easier in a few months. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, consider power washing your patio again near the end of fall to preserve the clean throughout the cold season.


To protect your outdoor furniture from sunlight, water, mold, and stains, consider investing in quality slipcovers for any cushioned furniture. A thicker fabric with a fun fall color can really revamp your patio and give it that coveted fall feel. You can also get covers for your patio furniture for when it’s not in use—this way, so you won’t have to remember to bring in all your cushions every time a cloud floats past.


Adding lighting to your patio in the fall can really extend the space’s usefulness. Because the sun sets earlier in the fall, you can’t count on natural light. Try adding some fun lanterns to your patio or hang string lights if you have an awning, lattice, or screens. String lights are also a great and cheap way to spruce up your patio lighting. Wrap them around a support post or even furniture legs for a pop of light and ambiance.


Depending on the region you live in, fall nights can be chilly. Be prepared with blankets—set them out on your furniture when you’re entertaining, and store them in a weatherproof box or bring them inside when they aren’t in use. Another great way to stay warm on your patio during brisk fall nights is to use a firepit. Keep s’mores supplies near your firepit—you never know when your guests may want a fun fall-themed snack!


Subtle décor can really make a difference in the feeling of your patio. If you don’t already have planter pots on your patio, consider adding some and filling them with fall flowers. Here are some common types of pretty fall flowers to decorate your patio with:

  • Sweet autumn clematis
  • Pansies
  • Celosia
  • Goldenrod
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Snakeroot

Another way to add to the fall feel is by adding pinecone décor or a nice potpourri. A fall wreath on your door can also set the tone!

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