How To Improve Warehouse Shipping

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Warehouses come in all sizes and serve different purposes, but most are in some way involved with moving and shipping items. In order to improve warehouse shipping, an understanding of every step of the process is necessary, along with determining which areas could use improvement.


Inventory in a warehouse is everything. It must be controlled and accurately accounted for.

How is the inventory being managed at your facility? Is the system in place working well and are all items—whether received, stored, or shipped—properly and efficiently managed with few glitches? If not, look into other options or additions for inventory control. Loss of or unaccounted for inventory is a loss of money.

Today, software programs are available for tracking time and automating inventory management, both which affect the shipping process.

Proper Equipment and Supplies

Nothing is simply shipped. There is a process and it involves moving items safely from one place to another.

Investing in the right equipment and supplies to do this saves time and money. Cutting corners only hurts customers as products aren’t delivered on time.

Provide adequate training in the use of pallets and how to properly wrap them. Make sure all equipment, such as forklifts, are well-maintained and safe, and that training on how to do so is provided.

Warehouse Layout

Is there an area of the warehouse that could be improved to increase shipping efficiency?

It doesn’t hurt to walk through the warehouse now and then with the intention of looking for areas that need improvement. Could aisles be widened or narrowed? How far is the distance from packing to loading? Could that be changed to make it closer?

These are just a couple of questions to consider asking when you want to improve warehouse shipping. Knowing your warehouse as you do, you’ll think of your own questions as you go along. The goal is to always be asking, looking, and willing to change.

In conclusion, as changes are made an increase in shipping efficiency will occur, creating an optimized and trusted warehouse business.

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