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How To Improve Your Dexterity and Why It’s Important

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We all must face the realities of aging and try our best to ease the process. As such, we work out, maintain healthy diets, and live well-rounded lives. However, one area we might forget to work on is our manual dexterity, and we can’t forgo this crucial aspect. We use our hands nearly every moment of every day, but as we age, it can be challenging for us to do some of the things we once did. That is why improving our manual dexterity is important, as it will facilitate healthy aging. Here are some activities you can do to improve your manual dexterity.


Cross-stitching is a craft that involves a numbered thread and needle to create an embroidered pattern. If you have seen hand-stitched embroidery work, you might have noticed the tiny stitches required to make that work of art. That is why this craft is perfect for working your fine muscles, as it requires you to thread a needle through small X-shaped stitches. Cross-stitching is also a great option if you are creative and wish to make your own crafts while getting a workout.

Playing Piano

Learning how to play the piano is a fantastic way to exercise your manual dexterity. You must work with both hands as you play the piano, practicing various techniques, chords, and scales. Moreover, it is also a multi-faceted hobby that helps you strengthen your fingers while providing a stellar cognitive exercise. The best part is that it is very easy to learn how to play the piano on your own.

Video Games

Playing video games may seem like an unlikely option for improving one’s manual dexterity as many people do not consider it beneficial to our bodies, but that is not the case. Playing video games requires a controller to complete quick-reaction movements via your avatar, which greatly strengthens your manual dexterity.

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