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How To Keep Rain From Ruining Your Patio Party

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Chances are, you’ve been there. You, your family, and your friends go through the effort of setting up the backyard to host one last end-of-summer get-together, but just as you settle in, that first drop of water hits the ground. Do you go inside? Do you cancel? Fortunately, the party can go on! Here’s how to keep rain from ruining your patio party:

Cover Up!

If it’s too late to reschedule, the best plan of action is to cover up. Family members can watch the light rain from the safety of a deck or patio umbrella, protected by wicking or water-resistant fabric. Rain isn’t even a reason to stop the grill, as long as you keep the lid on as much as possible to prevent moisture from reaching your heat source. Keeping these cover options available just in case can make you the hero of the party in an instant.

Sand and Seal

Some patio problems from rain go beyond the initial downpour. Wooden decks, patios, and pavilions, even when covered, are important to seal before the weather sours. In a state with all four seasons, resealing the patio once a year will play a major role in not only making your outdoor area look its best for partygoers, but stopping rain damage in its tracks as well.

Inspect, Maintain, and Repair

September is the ideal time for Tennesseans to start preparing for and preventing mold growth, even outdoors. Looking for signs of mold or areas on patio wood that just won’t dry gives homeowners the chance to tackle the issue long before the wet season hits in November. If your patio is connected to your home, be sure to check for signs of mold inside and out if you notice any growth on your patio, too.

Mold isn’t the only thing that causes rain to ruin your patio party. Termites, wood rot, and sinking issues all plague patio owners and can worsen after the rain. By thoroughly checking over your patio and making repairs sooner than later, you can prevent long-term damage and keep your party guests feeling safe.

One more way to keep rain from ruining your patio party is to have that backup plan handy. If a light sprinkle turns into that rare storm, it might just be time to gather a few hands to lift the table and move the party inside. Backup meals, seating, and entertainment can save the day!

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