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How To Keep Your Boat Ready To Go During Boating Season

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When the sun is burning and the water is perfect, there’s no time to waste making sure the boat is ready for a day on the water. Sunny days are limited, so enjoy boating season by using our tips to keep your boat ready to go during boating season. All you’ll need is a swimsuit, and you’re off! Here’s what you need to create a daily checklist:

Check the Fluids

Check the oil levels and all fluid levels to make sure they’re good to go at the end of every boating journey or as first thing in the morning before taking off. Keep the gas tank filled by ending each day with a fill-up or heading out a little early to do so. Once out on the water, the best way to spoil the fun is to run out of gas or an essential fluid.

Spark Plugs

It’s recommended to change a boat’s spark plugs after every 300 hours of use and inspect how they’re doing after 100 hours of use. Stay on top of that, so you don’t end up with a stalled engine before you reach the beach.

Clean and Shiny

A clean, shiny boat is a happy boat full of happy passengers. Take pride in your boat by keeping it clean. After a day on the water, make a habit of having everyone pitch in to get the boat clean and ready for the next trip out.

Remove all of the garbage and bring all wet gear such as towels and things inside for a washing so they don’t sit on the boat and mold.

Pay special attention to the seats, which are often covered in marine vinyl. If not properly taken care of, seats can crack, so clean them every time and take the steps needed to keep them moisturized and protected.

Towel and Sunscreen Ready

Keep clean, folded beach towels on the boat at all times, along with a couple of bottles of sunscreen. It can take hours to prepare for a boat trip, so staying ahead of the game is helpful and allows for fun and spontaneity.

If there are other things that are used every time, keep those stored onboard as well. Floating devices, sand toys, and goggles might be handy depending on your crew.

Clean the Cooler

Coolers full of cold drinks are a must when out on the boat. Have your favorite cooler clean and on the boat, so all you have to do is throw in ice and drinks. Remember that coolers hold moisture, so wipe them out and let them dry after every use.

After going over how to keep your boat ready to go during boating season, are you ready to climb aboard? We sure are. Enjoy your summer and keep on boating with your always-ready-for-fun vessel.

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