How To Keep Your Daycare Center Clean

How To Keep Your Daycare Center Clean

A lot goes into running an efficient and safe daycare center. All your efforts to make everything run smoothly are in vain if the center doesn’t go above and beyond to stay clean. No one wants to drop their child off somewhere that’s dirty and full of germs. Today, we’ll discuss how to keep your daycare center clean so that parents not only stay loyal to your business but children truly love going there. Let’s break cleaning into four main areas: food, restroom, play, and diapers.

Food Areas

Food areas are tough to stay on top of cleanliness, with so many little ones eating. They can’t help it; kids are just messy. A quick wipe down after each meal is great, but not enough. At the end of every day, use the proper bleach and water ratio to clean all hard surfaces, including the floors, when possible. Highchair trays, tables, and chairs all get sticky and dirty from food.


A daycare center’s restrooms need checking several times a day. Some children are just learning how to use the facilities properly, so the bathrooms are messy. A few times a day, walk through each restroom, picking up any garbage, emptying garbage cans, and wiping up spills. To protect children from spreading germs, make sure hand soap dispensers are always full, and they can reach the paper towels for drying their hands.

Using bleach and water or any disinfecting cleanser made for restrooms, clean them morning and night to stay on top of sanitation.

Play Areas

These can get a bit overwhelming since there are often lots of play options. However, sticking to a daily routine helps curtail the overwhelming part.

Every day, put things back where they belong. An organized play area is easier to clean than a messy one. Wipe down toys at the end of the day, along with hard surfaces. If an indoor playground is involved, follow the proper cleaning needed for these larger play areas, including sanitizing and disinfecting.

Changing Area

Daycare centers see a lot of diapers, and that requires vigilant health and safety standards. For the safety of the daycare center employees and children, wear disposable gloves when changing infants and toddlers, then wash hands immediately after each change. Wipe down the changing station with disinfecting wipes after every diaper change. Use a proper disposing system for diapers.

Professional Service

You should consider having a professional cleaning service specializing in sanitizing areas come in once a week, if possible. If you can keep your daycare center clean throughout the week, then the professional company adds another layer of protection, making it a trusted, clean daycare center.

Using our tips for keeping your daycare center clean helps you keep the center running so you can focus on what you truly love, your customers.