How To Keep Your Gifted Child Engaged

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It might seem like a gifted child would always find a breeze, but that’s not necessarily the case. Talented students can become bored with school easily, just like any other child——and like other children, they also need supervision and guidance. Not only do they need to be interested in what they are learning, but they also need to understand why their lessons are necessary. Otherwise, they can become withdrawn.

Watching your gifted student become disinterested in school can be frustrating, but there are ways to keep them intrigued with their studies. Fostering a learning environment at home will help them stay engaged with their learning.

Learn how to keep your gifted child engaged at home!

Physical Activity

Even though it may initially seem counterintuitive, don’t put kids back into schoolwork when they get home from school; get them moving. Go for a bike ride, stop off at the playground—getting them up and moving will help them shake off whatever frustration and boredom they brought home with them.

Be Excited

Kids model their behavior after the adults around them—if you’re excited about something, there’s a great chance they will be too. By getting excited about learning, you’ll help cultivate the same feelings in your child.

Get excited about a specific topic or subject, and then talk to y about it. Find something that you know will interest your child, and introduce them to it.


While it’s amazing if your child is reading at advanced levels, don’t be afraid to encourage them to read books that cater to their age.

Even if your grader schooler is reading at a middle-school level, encourage them to read age-appropriate books; this way, they’ll feel connected to the characters. YA novels that talk about driving and relationships might not be the best fit for an 8-year-old.

Another way to help encourage even more reading is a book club. You can partner with teachers and other students’ parents to create an after-school book club for them and their friends.

Creative Learning Space

Another way to encourage your gifted child is to set aside a place in your home for creative learning. Set up a space for them to learn, anything from arts and crafts to a science station. Having a dedicated area to explore different activities will help them cultivate their abilities while giving them a break from schoolwork.

Knowing how to keep your gifted child engaged will help them stay involved in school. Don’t stop encouraging them to remain interested in what they love!

Want to know if your child is gifted? There are multiple online resources available for testing gifted children.

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