How To Make a Profit Selling Farm-Fresh Eggs

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One of the joys of raising backyard chickens is the delicious, nutritious eggs they lay. Depending on the size of your flock and how many eggs your family eats, you might find yourself with an abundance of farm-fresh eggs. What do you do with the excess produce? This is a great opportunity to sell your product and gain a little extra cash. However, like any business endeavor, it’s important to do some research and number-crunching to make sure your revenue outweighs your costs. To help you along the way, here are two top tips for how to make a profit selling farm-fresh eggs.

Research the Local Market

Before you gather your product and start finding customers, it’s important to research your local market. Find out the demand for farm-fresh eggs, where people are trying to buy, and what your competition looks like. Are there restaurants or grocers you can partner with? Is your home or farm in an area that’s busy enough to sell straight from your land? Can you get a license to sell at the local farmers market? Speaking of licenses, you also need to read up on all the necessary regulations and qualifications to sell your product. Every city has different rules, so make sure you know what you’re doing and what you need before you try to sell.

Choose the Right Hens

The type of chicken breed you own is a huge part of how to make a profit selling farm-fresh eggs. If you want to collect plenty of excess eggs to sell, you probably want a more productive egg-laying breed. You might also want to consider raising hens who lay eggs of different colors or sizes. This will help make your product unique, allowing you to stand out from other farmers and especially from regular store-bought eggs. As you choose the breeds to keep in your backyard coop, make sure you pay attention to how productive they are, what kind of eggs they lay, and how long they’ll provide you with fresh eggs.

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