How To Make the Exterior of Your Home More Accessible

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As you or members of your household grow older, you should find ways to make everything easier—including entering your home, leaving your home, and spending time outside. Adding accessibility can make it easier to age gracefully at home rather than in a retirement facility, and where better to start than right outside? Whether you need accessibility due to a disability or your encroaching senior status, knowing how to make the exterior of your home more accessible will keep you happily going about your business around the house.

Ramps and Curb Cuts

Stairs and steps aren’t easy for everyone to climb, especially those bound to a wheelchair. You may not always have someone to help you with stairs, so adding alternatives around the house will help out later. Add a ramp to at least one of the entrances around your home—you may not want one cluttering your front entryway, but a ramp in your garage or back entrance could help you out immensely.

If you live in an area with street parking, consider asking the city for a curb cut near the sidewalk so you can easily access your vehicle. The fewer steps up or down you need to take, the better—especially near a busy road.

Upgrade Your Parking Area

Getting in and out of vehicles is hard enough on its own—narrow driveways, busy streets, or long walks can cause an injury or take the wind out of you. Give yourself an easier time by making your driveway wider, flatter, or more level. You’ll fear rolling your ankles far less without the common hazards of unkempt driveways.

Even if you have to park on the street, you may encounter a lack of parking around your home. No one should have to search for a parking spot at their own home, especially those with disabilities. Learn whether you can add a handicap parking spot right outside your home in Lake County and go through the process of working with the city to make parking easier.

Install Guard Rails

You never know when a sturdy guard rail will come in handy. Just like handrails in your shower or your stairways, fixing up the guard rails on your deck or patio can ensure you don’t have a bad fall off a ledge. While they may seem like a simple way to make the exterior of your home more accessible, they’re also an essential addition to any home.

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