How To Make the Grounds of Your Commercial Property Safe

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For most commercial properties, at some point, there are people on the grounds of the property. Make the grounds of your commercial property safe by using the following tips. Not only does a commercial property’s building require the highest safety standards, but the grounds do as well.

Install Cameras

Well-placed security cameras discourage criminals and make customers or clients, as well as employees feel safe when walking about the grounds of a commercial property. Areas such as parking lots and walkways should be monitored with cameras.

Excellent Lighting

Don’t try to cut costs by skimping on outdoor lighting. Lighting shows you care about the property and those on it. A dimly lit area on a commercial property shows everyone just the opposite and leaves them feeling unsafe.

Proper Drainage

You’ve no doubt created lovely landscaping for your commercial property. Excellent drainage is necessary to keep your landscaping healthy and it’s also necessary to keep the grounds safe and those on it. Choose a drainage system designed for commercial properties. The right drainage system prevents flooding from excess surface water, as well as preventing puddles and messes so clients and customers aren’t stepping in them.

Clear the Walkways

Make the grounds enjoyable with clear walkways. Remove debris, sticks, leaves, and fallen branches from sidewalks or winding paths through the landscaping. After mowing, make sure the walkways are swept and clear.

Snow Removal

Snow removal season is coming quickly. Be prepared this winter with a snow removal service. It’s essential when making the grounds of your commercial property safe. Don’t allow ice to build and get covered by snow, as it could create treacherous conditions.

Fill the Potholes and Cracks

To keep driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and walking paths safe, stay on top of maintenance for those areas. Potholes and cracks aren’t appreciated by those coming to the property. Have them filled and repaired as soon as they’re noticed, as they’ll only get worse over time.

Keep the interior and exterior of your commercial property looking beautiful, including the grounds—but more importantly, keep them safe.

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