How To Make Your Outdoor Event More Accessible

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How To Make Your Outdoor Event More Accessible

How often do you plan an outdoor event and think about accessibility? You might assume that whatever you have in place now is convenient enough for everyone, but this might not be the case. Don’t overlook this factor because you might find that you have guests who need specific accommodation that you didn’t provide. Take a second to think about how you can make your outdoor event more accessible.

Transportation and Parking

You need to ensure that people with disabilities have easy access to your event. Provide them with adequate parking spaces and transportation. Consider renting out a few vans spacious enough for anyone. You can also see about bus routes and hiring a service to transport your guests.

Include parking spaces designated for people with disabilities. Depending on the size of your event, you might need a few. Space them out however you like, but make sure you locate them all in the front of the even so that they don’t have to travel far.

Provide lifts and ramps if there is any elevation at your event. Also, include a clear pickup and drop-off spot close to the event entrance.

Paths and Navigation

If you want your event to be more disability-friendly, you need to create easily navigated pathways. Depending on your location, you might have areas where the ground isn’t level. You might even have gravel-filled spots.

Create accessible paths and ramps so that everyone can walk around with no problems. If you have electrical equipment, make sure you cover the cords with bright colors so that everyone can see them. You don’t want anyone to trip and have an accident due to your negligence.

Use outdoor flooring to stabilize uneven spaces and use wheelchair-accessible cable protectors.

Washroom Facilities and Rest Areas

The bathroom and rest areas might be the most crucial aspects of your outdoor event. Everyone needs comfort when in the restroom. So make sure your portable bathrooms are accessible for everyone. For one, place the restroom area away from crowds and sound systems.

For the resting and eating areas, create accessible paths to the food service booth and seating areas. Make sure these sections are ground level. Provide large menus with a big font or offer to read menus aloud for the vision impaired. Also, set up the tables in a way that accommodates all mobility devices.

Place visible signage for everyone to see these areas and provide mapping so that everyone can easily navigate their way to these sections.

With these tips, you will ensure your outdoor event is accessible for everyone, and they can enjoy the festivities in a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere.

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