How to Organize Your Home by Room

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When it comes to setting up an organization method in your home, simplicity dictates using the same strategy for each space. However, remember that while you’re taking inventory of all your personal items, they each have different purposes, depending on the room you’re in. This is why, even though you might feel like your home is already organized, you might want to consider creating additional methods for each room. Learn how to organize your home by room and ensure that everything you need is just a short reach away.

Living Room

Other than the entryway, the living room is the first place that your guests will interact with upon entering your home. This makes it a crucial area to keep books, pictures, and other belongings that you want to put on display. But in terms of organization, this room requires flow so that people can freely navigate the space. This requires strategic seating placement, designated nooks for certain activities, and plenty of tabletop space to place drinks or snacks. For the most efficient use, it’s also recommended that you arrange your seating around a designated entertainment point, like the television, to ensure that every seat is accommodating.


When trying to organize your home by room, the kitchen is one of the most crucial spaces to consider. As the place where the majority of home projects take place, such as cooking meals and prepping for company, this room needs to be optimized for hustle and bustle. Whether it’s grabbing ingredients quickly or finding the right utensils, cooking tools and food should be kept within the vicinity of the counter for quick retrieval. This process might involve labeling each of your seasoning containers for ease of use or relocating your most used kitchen appliances to the counter near the stove.


If you’re expecting a baby in the near future, proper nursery organization is crucial to streamlining many caretaking tasks. Fortunately, there are a series of expert ways to organize your nursery, such as saving space with hidden storage solutions or placing essential items next to the changing area. These strategies help you meet your baby’s needs a lot easier by keeping every necessary item or product within arm’s reach at all times. In addition, having the room sectioned off into sleep, changing, and play areas make for a smoother transition between activities.


On the other hand, when it comes to your own bedroom, you want to ensure that you have everything you need to help you relax near the bed. This area of the home is your sanctuary and, as such, should have immediate access to the things that allow you to unwind. Because of this, the majority of your organization in this room should take place around the bed and nightstand. But if you want your bedroom to serve an additional purpose, you could also designate a corner as a reading nook or hobby display.

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