How to Prepare the Home for Summer

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The dog days are here again: long days, late night-celebrations, and life to the fullest. Since the home is the stage where summer is set, these tips for how to prepare the home for summer are essential.


Although it isn’t glamorous, one must keep maintenance in mind when making sure a home is summer-ready. Summer means heat, and a functioning air conditioning unit can mean the difference between a cool oasis and a sweltering sauna. Making sure that AC units are inspected can prevent this. Having windows inspected can also ensure that the house is properly insulated and the AC will be able to do its job properly.

Update Home Décor

Clothes don’t have to be the only thing to change with the season. Summer is all about light, whether it’s sunlight or light colors, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate light into the home’s décor. Beautiful window curtains or new blinds that let in natural sunlight will brighten up the space during the day. Incorporating bright colors with new throw pillows or bright pieces of art will also make the room come alive. Bringing fresh flowers into the house can incorporate the elegance of a summer garden party into any room, whether the flowers are in a vase in the bedroom or in small mason jars in the kitchen.

Get the Backyard Party Ready

Nothing says summer quite like an outdoor shindig. Preparing the yard for celebrations is a must. This goes beyond making sure the lawn is green and the weeds are pulled. Making sure that the driveway and walkways are refinished and the shrubbery is clipped to perfection will also paint the perfect backdrop for parties. Updating patio furniture and adding outdoor lighting will complete the transformation from an average backyard into summertime paradise.

Summer is a time for making memories, and the best summer memories happen at home, whether that means throwing parties or lounging by the pool. It isn’t difficult to prepare the home for summer but taking those extra steps can help make this summer the best one yet.

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