How To Prepare Your Flower Beds for Spring Planting

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How To Prepare Your Flower Beds for Spring Planting

Spring is the season that gives you opportunities to welcome gorgeous, blossoming new life to your flower beds. That said, prepping your gardens before we plant is an integral part of watching your seedlings succeed. But what exactly are the best ways to ensure that your flower beds are appropriately prepped for spring? Well, we’re happy to provide a few helpful answers to that question in this brief overview.

Get Your Tool Shed in Order

If you’re looking for a dynamite strategy for how to prepare your flower beds for spring planting, start with getting your supply shed in order. Assess the condition of your gardening tools, sharpen your blades, oil your hinges, and consider whether it might be time to add anything new to your collection. Perhaps that old shovel is due for a replacement.

Or maybe you need a new pair of gardening gloves that can provide adequate protection from the thorny rose bushes you plan to grow. It’s also wise to ensure that you have a full stock of all necessary supplies. Double-check that your shed has a healthy stock of soils, fertilizer, and mulch. If you enjoy raising herbs or perennials, consider whether you have an appropriate amount of plant supports to keep them upright as they flourish. 

Clear Out Weeds, Prune Your Trees

Once you have all the proper materials, it’s time to put in the hard work of priming your yard for new growth. Start by clearing out any problematic weeds, thickets, or unwanted shrubs from the area you have in mind. Ensure that the entire site is free of debris or anything else that might keep your garden from thriving. Then, examine the trees in your yard and see if any of them might hinder the growth of your garden.

Perhaps the branches of that towering oak tree in your backyard are starting to provide a bit too much shade. Or worse, maybe it’s starting to rot, threatening to fall on your beloved flower beds before the first bloom of the season. If so, you may benefit from pruning your tall, green friend. Doing so will ensure that your flower bed is well-protected. Plus, regular pruning is beneficial for your trees, too.

Prepare Your Soil and Set Up Your Beds

Lastly, an essential step in how to set up your flower beds for spring planting is prepping your soil and setting up your flower beds. The first part of this process is to refresh your soil before adding anything new to the mix. During the winter months, the dirt in your garden often becomes compact. So, the first thing you want to do is loosen it up a bit by tilling or turning it until it’s nice and fluffy again.

Once the soil is adequately tilled, it’s time to add any compost, mulch, or fertilizer into the mix. Doing this will help balance the pH levels of the soil. Plus, all those nutrients will give your flowers a nice boost once they’re planted. After that, it’ll be time to set up your beds with any planters, supports, or other structures you might need to keep your flowers on the right growth track. Later, when it warms up a bit more, you can start planting your seedlings and watch them flourish as the season unfolds.

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