How To Prevent Rust Build-Up in Your Exhaust System

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How To Prevent Rust Build-Up in Your Exhaust System

There are many signs that indicate an issue with your exhaust, but none are so obvious as rust. And no matter how well you take care of your vehicle, rust build-up is bound to happen. Your exhaust is an important part of your vehicle’s functioning, which means preventing rust is crucial. Read on to learn how to prevent rust build-up in your exhaust system.

Rust Proof Your Car

Adding an undercoat or rustproofing the bottom of your car will add an extra layer of protection. This extra layer will prevent moisture build-up and stop corrosive mud and other materials from damaging the exhaust. There are different ways to protect your car from rust, such as oil spray or tar spray, but it’s best to rely on a professional to avoid a patchy job. However, it is important to remember that this is not a permanent solution, and you may need other coats added down the line as the coating deteriorates.

Add Wax for Extra Protection

You can wax the bottom of your car for rust protection as well, and many car owners wax the underside after using a rustproof material. With a wax coating, water and mud will slide ride off. In addition, it will help your initial coat of rustproof spray last longer. You’ll want to wait for the rustproofing to dry because you’ll need to wash the entirety of the car before applying the wax.

Routinely Clean the Bottom

Lastly, you’ll want to clean the bottom of your car as often as possible. This step ensures that no corrosive debris sits on the bottom of the car for extended periods of time. You only need a car jack and a powerful water source. A hose won’t work as well for caked-on mud, but if you use a pressure washer, be sure to start at a low setting first. Note that your wax job will wash off after you pressure wash the vehicle, so be sure to reapply.

Now that you know how to prevent rust build-up in your exhaust system, you can ensure that your car will run longer and hold up to the environment. Taking action today means you won’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time and money on repairs later.

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