How To Reduce the Odor Your Septic Tank Makes

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How To Reduce the Odor Your Septic Tank Makes

You must maintain a healthy septic system when you own a septic tank. If you don’t, you risk gases and odors leaking that you don’t want to linger around your home. But if you maintain your septic tank properly, it should be odor-free. However, things happen, and learning how to reduce the odor your septic tank makes will help if this situation ever arises. Whenever there’s an odor, this is a sign telling you that something’s wrong with your tank.

Check and Unclog Vents

Venting your septic tank aims to equalize the pressure in the drainpipes as wastewater moves through them. If you hear slight gurgling come from the drains and toilets, this can mean a vent has become clogged. A vent could end up blocked if the weather outside is below freezing. Once the water inside thaws, the vents should be in working condition again. In any case, if you notice odors, check the vents first for debris and freezing before looking into other problems.

Use Activated Carbon Cover

While vents usually have filters, many homeowners find that activated carbon covers work exceptionally well for keeping horrid odors at bay. Place this type of cover over the top of the vent to help stop odors from leaking out. Also, check to ensure the smell isn’t coming from anywhere else. A carbon cover is only a temporary solution if the underlying problem is elsewhere in the waste management system.

Try a DIY Solution

A wonderful natural ingredient that fights the odors from your septic tank is baking soda. Pouring a cup of baking soda down any toilet or drain once a week helps maintain the healthy ecosystem growing in the tank. Don’t flush excess water after the baking soda. Instead, let it drip through the pipes. Otherwise, the water will flush it down faster than it can do its job.

All in all, you shouldn’t see problems if you take good care of the septic system. A healthy tank will only need pumping every three to five years. When you learn how to reduce the odors your septic tank makes, you can keep your property smelling fresh. However, you may also want to see if it has deeper issues. Call your local plumbing services if you ever think there is a bigger problem at play with the tank.

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