How To Reduce the Risk of Injury on the Highway

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How To Reduce the Risk of Injury on the Highway

It is a scary thought that when we drive our cars, we put our lives in the hands of thousands of others driving near us. The fear can increase when we also think about driving on a highway because we go at faster speeds. Although anything can happen when we are on the road, there are still things to know and things we can do to help increase our safety. Keep reading for tips and knowledge on how to reduce the risk of injury on the highway.

Know About Guardrails

You might think that if your car spins out, you lose total control over your life. While that is mostly true, you should also know about the Federal Highway Administration’s safety measures to mitigate the repercussions of accidents. One way the FHA does so is through the installation of highway guardrails.

Highway guardrails improve driver safety as they assist you in maintaining spatial awareness of your vehicle in relation to the shoulder of the road. That is why guardrails are particularly useful in keeping you safe on windy roads, as their presence tends to make you more alert, prompting you to drive safer. Moreover, they absorb the kinetic energy of an impact, redirect vehicles back onto the road, and overall make a crash less severe.

Follow the Rules

One of the most important tips to know if you want to reduce the risk of injury on the highway is to follow the rules. Drivers of all ages believe they are above the rules of the road. You have likely seen these people zipping through lanes at fast speeds. More often than not, accidents are the result of just one driver not following the rules of the road, which can result in several injuries and even death.

The rules aren’t in place to suck the fun out of life; they are in place to keep you and every other driver as safe as possible. Moreover, make sure you follow every rule: check your blind spots, maintain proper following distances, and always use your directional indicators.

Minimize Distractions

Unfortunately, it is very common to see someone in front of the wheel with their eyes off the road. There are so many distractions nowadays, from our music to our phones. However, we should not let these distractions slide when driving. Many assume they can drive and look at their phones because they do it all the time, but even just one second with our eyes off the road can result in a horrific crash. When you get ready for a drive, make sure you have your favorite playlist ready, and let your friends or family know you are setting out. If you need to contact them, pull over.

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