How You Can Make Your Senior Parents’ Home Safe

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Your parents will have a harder time getting around the home and doing everyday chores. They may not notice this decline. But as their child, you need to step in and make sure they’re safe to move and live in their house. Know how you can make your senior parents’ home safe to guarantee their continued health and prevent any nasty falls or complications.

Put No-Slip Mats in the Bathrooms

The bathroom is an especially hazardous room because of the slippery floors and the presence of water faucets. To circumvent dangers in it, you need to lay down some no-slip mats. These will give your parents some extra traction as they move around in there.

The mats will also serve to absorb water if any spills, preventing it from forming a puddle. The mats eliminate the possibility of slipping in the bathroom. Thus, they prevent physical injuries that need immediate medical attention.

Add Non-Skid Pads to Carpets

While floor coverings can be helpful in the bathroom, they can pose a danger in other rooms. Throw rugs and area carpets can slip and slide if you place them on hardwood floors, creating an unsteady walking surface for your parents.

To avoid this, you need to insert non-skid pads underneath the carpets, anchoring them in place and offering more stability. Falling is one of the most common and severe risks seniors face, and mitigating that danger is essential.

Look Into PSAPs

Your parents’ mobility is not the only faculty that will diminish over the years; their hearing will deteriorate as well. Without an acute sense of hearing, they may not notice alarms, phone calls, or doorbells.

These can range in seriousness, but they need to pick up on these sounds in case of an emergency. A personal audio device is one of the many items that make older adults’ lives easier. Increasing their hearing will improve their awareness of their surroundings.

Take Charge When Necessary

Your parents may not realize or may not want to acknowledge their physical limitations as they get older. That makes it your job to know how to improve the safety of your senior parents’ home. Otherwise, they may end up in dangerous situations. Talk to them about how you can accomplish this without invading their personal space.

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