Ideas for Updating Your Front Yard this Spring

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As winter’s coldness makes way for spring’s warmth, you may want to revitalize your front yard. Here are some ideas for updating your front yard this spring.

Potted Plants

You may already have some nice plants in the ground in front of your home, but you can add even more life to the area. Place some colorful flowers and beautiful plants in pots, then arrange them around the front door and entryway. You can get pots in different sizes to provide an interesting contrast when you group them together holding various flora. If you have steps leading to your door, you might put a pot on the edge of each step to bring brightness to a spot that’s otherwise difficult to decorate.


Though it may not be very apparent during the day, lights can greatly boost your front yard’s appeal. Line them along the walkway so that the path is illuminated, along with your bushes and flowers. This will not only show the color of your yard at night, but it will also keep you from tripping as you approach or leave your house. You might also take this time to switch out old, dimming porch lights.

Landscape Edging

Attention to detail makes all the difference, and so landscape edging can transform a commonplace yard into one that stands apart from others. Often, when you have exposed soil or mulch in your garden areas next to your lawn, the two can bleed into one another. Soil or mulch could blow or shift onto the grass, and grass can grow in the garden space. This creates an untidy impression. But by putting in edging, you can clearly define the borders between your yard’s different sections. It doesn’t need to be a complicated process, either; you can learn the steps to installing plastic edging and put it in yourself.

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