Important Tools You Need for Installing an In-Ground Pool

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Important Tools You Need for Installing an In-Ground Pool

There’s nothing like kicking back in your own private pool during the warmer months. However, if you’re going to enjoy it for yourself, you’ll need to first get one installed on your property. While it’s easy to call a pool installation company to do the work for you, there’s a certain appeal and pride in doing it on your own. At the very least, you can get exactly what you’re envisioning out of the process. Here are some important tools you need for installing an in-ground pool to get the job done right.

Excavation Machinery

One of the most crucial parts of building an in-ground pool for your home is ensuring that you have a hole deep enough to accommodate your needs. To do this, you’ll need some powerful excavation equipment, such as a skid loader with a four-in-one bucket attachment for digging as well as dirt rakes. While the loader digs and displaces large quantities of dirt, the rake will help you level out your pool’s groundwork. This way, you’re left with clean corners and a level foundation to build from.

Power Drill

You’ll also need a power drill, preferably a cordless one. This tool will help greatly with installing your pool wall, as you’ll need to use screws to attach each sheet of metal and keep them secure. Power drills also make it easier to attach other parts of the pool, such as the edge covers and your ladder and piping system.

Pipe Cutters

Pipe cutters are a tool you need for installing an in-ground pool as well since they allow for measuring and cutting sections of pipe to accommodate your yard’s plumbing. After all, what’s a pool without a steady supply of water? Pipe cutters will make it easier to build out your pool’s piping system and make sure that these sections are only as long as they need to be.

Cement Mixer

The foundation of in-ground pools consists of a layer of sand followed by a solid level of cement or concrete. As such, you’ll need at least a small cement mixer to create and pour this material into the hole you’ve dug. Cement mixers are great tools for other household projects as well, such as fixing broken areas of your driveway or paving a new patio in your yard.

While building your own pool is a lot of work, there’s nothing like enjoying a home amenity you created on your own. With these tools at your disposal, you don’t even need to stop at a pool. You can change up and add on to your yard however you want.

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