Inexpensive Bathroom Updates To Make This Year

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Inexpensive Bathroom Updates To Make This Year

Bathrooms are one space in your home that can age your whole interior. The fixtures, vanities, and flooring can give away the last time you decorated your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your entire savings to change the space. With these inexpensive bathroom updates, you’ll add a new look and style to your restroom.

Freshen Up With Paint

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up a space. You can customize the room by painting an accent wall with the perfect color. Don’t forget about the bathroom cabinets! Updating the color of your cabinets can really freshen up the room. Try a neutral tone or consider adding a trendy pop of color with emerald green or light seafoam green.

If you’re looking for a dramatic look, paint your ceiling. It’s a fun, unexpected twist to the typical white ceiling. For a modern style, paint your bathroom cabinets and ceiling the same shade.

Update Bathroom Organization

You can waste space when you fail to organize an area well. Purchase baskets, bins, and shelves to add more organization to your bathroom. A clear wall is a perfect place to add some floating shelves and baskets for everyday items and décor. You can also place your cotton swabs and cotton balls in cute jars for easy access.

Invest in under-the-sink bins to organize cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. Use drawer dividers to keep hair ties, bobby pins, scrunchies, toothpaste, and other supplies organized. Each item will have a place. Go through and deep clean to remove any stuff you don’t need anymore.

Upgrade the Vanity

Changing up the look of your vanity can give your bathroom a complete refresh. If your favorite marble countertops are outside your budget, look for peel-and-stick alternatives. These cheap alternatives are waterproof and easy to install.

Updating the hardware will also give your vanity a new look. There are different colors, finishes, and styles, so ensure you pick a hardware style that fits your home.

Details Make the Space

Add finishing décor touches such as a new shower curtain, new hand towels, or a new plant to give your bathroom a refresh. Tackle these details a the end of your budget-friendly remodel to craft a cohesively styled bathroom.

These inexpensive updates will help your bathroom look new without breaking the bank. You can also use these ideas to update other rooms of your home!

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