LC Commission meets Monday

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The Lake County Board of Commissioners had their regular meeting on Monday, August 15th. Present for the meeting were Commissioners Hatley, Berry, Tippit, Windsor, and Yates. Commissioners Barker, McCoy, Moore, and Pierce were absent.
To start, Comm. Yates made a motion to approve the minutes from the last regular meeting along with minutes from a special called meeting (to finalize budget). Second was made by Comm. Tippit and passed unanimously
. After a short review of the Trustee Report, the EMS report was next. Jack Mauldin was unable to attend the meeting due to personal health reasons so the board quickly overviewed the report submitted.
Sheriff Avery gave his report next, informing Commissioners that the LC jail is currently housing 38 inmates, 7 of those are state inmates. Avery said that the jail passed inspection last week, and will be good for a year. Comm. Yates inquired how many state inmates the Sheriff would ideally like to house, to which he replied that 15 would be a good number. Avery stated that several trials are scheduled, and that he is in need of correctional officers. Upon asked about the search for the new School Resources Officer, Avery said that they have found a good candidate, but he lacks the required certification. He will be able to start the academy in September, complete certification, and be in the schools by Christmas. In the meantime, Avery said the THP has instructed local state troopers to station themselves around all three schools while they are in session for extra security. Comm. Hatley asked if he would be looking for a second SRO, so that the school system would have one in each city. Avery stated he would be glad to if the county was willing to pay the salary of a second, as the state only allocates the school system with enough for one. All of the Commissioners agreed that this is a great need, and that the board will pay the second salary. The Sheriff will be on the hunt for someone to fill this position.
Next, the board was asked to approve budget amendments for Lake County Schools. Comm. Yates made the motion to approve, second by Tippit, and passed unanimously by roll call. Dr. Burton followed to report that the first two weeks of school have gone great.
Next on the agenda was the approval of a resolution for TDEC Utility Grant. This resolution specifically itemized the amounts that each utility company in the county would receive through the grant.
Ridgely: 911,645.65
Tiptonville: 1,910,575.71
Reelfoot Utility: 327,145.57
Comm. Hatley made the motion to approve, second by Berry, and passed unanimously by roll call.
Mayor Johnson informed the board that TDOT will resume paving HWY 78 working both from Ridgely to Great River Road and up toward the state line. Within a year, the plan is to have 78 paved entirely from the KY line to the Mississippi River.
Next, the board approved a resolution for the 2019 Parks and Recreation Grant the county received through a motion made by Comm. Yates, seconded by Hatley, and passed unanimously. Mayor Johnson commented on the idea of turning the Armory into a Recreation Center.
Finally the board approved the notary application for Jamie Jordan, and meeting adjourned.

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