LCHS aims for higher ACT scores

IMPRESSIVE SCORES— LCHS students who scored 25 or higher on the ACT have been honored with a plaque in the school’s lobby. Students who will be featured on the plaque are (back row, from left) Aaron Deason, Tanner Snyder, Campbell Puckett, James Howard, (front row, from left) Jordan Stewart, Maggie Byrd, and Mason Weaks. Photo by Lindsey Bell.

Lake County High School has been taking new measures to help students succeed, and those efforts have paid off.

Aaron Deason, Tanner Snyder, Campbell Puckett, James Howard, Jordan Stewart, Maggie Byrd, and Mason Weaks all scored 25 or higher on the ACT.

The top 25 percent of test takers nationwide make a 25 or higher, and the excellent scores often lead to scholarship offers.

The seven students who achieved these scores have been honored with a new plaque displayed in the LCHS front lobby. In the future, all students who score 25 or higher will have their names added to the plaque.

The plaque made its debut just last week and can be added to in order to accommodate as many students’ names as needed. Only current and future students will be included on the plaque.

The plaque is just one of the ways the school district’s ACT committee is working toward raising test scores for Lake County students.

Committee members include Principal Preston Caldwell, Michelle Johnson, Carrie Regalado, and Suzanne Keefe.

“The committee looks for ways to improve ACT scores,” said Principal Caldwell.

In addition to honoring top scorers on the plaque, any student who raises their score when they take the test the second time is rewarded with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

In December, seven students raised their ACT scores. These students were Kyra Bargery, John Harris Barker, Charles Hockett, Javious Mitchell, Hanah Rhamy, Shakira Smith, and Jywon Jones.

Juniors at LCHS also attend an ACT preparation class to help them achieve their best possible scores. The ACT committee even works with Lara Kendall students, who are preparing to take the pre-ACT in eighth grade.

The committee’s fundraising, such as parking cars at the Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival, provides the plaque and treats like Blizzards.


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