Marine Tank Maintenance: Ways To Keep Your Aquarium Clean

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Aquariums are perfect for incorporating the wonders of the ocean into your own home. However, if you fail to keep up with maintenance and cleaning, they can end up looking quite unpleasant. For many first-time tank builders, it’s shocking just how fast their aquariums can become dirty. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your aquarium clean for longer without needing to perform full tank overhauls.

Use a Quality Water Filter

To create a system that helps maintain the quality of your tank’s water, you must start with the tank’s setup. Water filters remove contaminants and regulate the environment’s chemical makeup. You should find something powerful enough for your tank’s size without going overboard. Using a filter that’s too strong can also be dangerous because it’ll remove important nutrients.

Change the Water Regularly

You should get into the habit of performing regular water changes. This means you’ll need to drain part of the old water and replace it with clean water. This process helps further regulate the amount of bacteria, algae, and toxins in the environment. In fact, it’s vital to keeping your tank a healthy place for all your organisms. Do this at least once every two weeks as a part of standard maintenance.

Incorporate the Right Organisms

Another effective way to keep your aquarium clean is to introduce certain types of organisms into its environment. Some species of marine invertebrates feed on the waste particles of fish and, in the case of saltwater aquariums, corals. This slows any overgrowth and maintains a tank’s clear appearance between cleanings. Just make sure you choose the right specimens for your type of tank. Saltwater invertebrates behave very differently compared to freshwater ones.

Limit the Number of Decorations You Have

Limiting the number of decorations in your tank can have an effect as well. This is because these structures can start collecting waste or algae along their surfaces and promote the growth of bacteria. Over time, this can also lead to overgrowth that’ll hinder the performance of your tank’s ecosystem. Cutting down on these items and leaving your tank space a bit more open can be very beneficial in the long run.

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