Maximizing Your Space for a Party

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As fun and rewarding as hosting a party is, it can also be a hectic experience—especially when you’re working with limited space. Fortunately, with a little creativity and effort, there’s no need to panic. Whether your RSVP list is longer than expected or you simply want to make the most out of your cute but tiny apartment, there are plenty of ways to make it work. Here are three tips for maximizing your space for a party.

Create Easy Traffic Flow

The trick to any successful space is easy traffic flow. As you prepare your home, keep in mind where people will hang out and where they’ll need to walk around. Self-serving areas like a buffet counter, a dessert table, or a drink cart make this easier. If you want everyone to sit down to dinner, make sure there’s space around the table. You can set your dining table at an angle to create more walking space around it. Alternatively, try creative seating options, such as getting extra stools for the breakfast bar or placing cushions around a coffee table.

Less is More

Part of maximizing your space for a party is (temporarily) getting rid of a few things. Decorative pillows make a place feel homey and inviting—until they get in the way of guests trying to sit. Look at your decorations and furniture and decide what is and isn’t essential. If it doesn’t work as seating or a useful surface, you can move it to a different room—or even use it to block off doorways you don’t want guests wandering through, like the home office or basement stairway.

Take it Outside

You don’t have to confine your guests to your home’s interior. Consider opening up your outdoor areas as well. You can prepare your backyard with tables, chairs, and a tent so you can still use the space in the event of bad weather. By making space for your guests outdoors or on your porch or balcony, you create even more open space for them to mingle and celebrate.

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