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Monumental Structures To See in the United States

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Visiting historical places is a great way to experience and learn about American culture. So many influential events have taken place all over the country, later honored with memorials and monuments to symbolize progress. Some structures represent people, while others represent tragedies, hope, and progressive historical moments.

So where are some historical places you can visit during your travels? There are many monumental structures to see in the United States, far and wide, across the land. So get yourself ready, because you’ll get to learn so much about what makes America so memorable.

Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Consider one of the most memorable and monumental structures to see in the United States: the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a must-see for every D.C. tourist. Located in the National Mall, it was completed in 1922 by President Warren G. Harding. Seated in a marble temple, a marble statue of Abraham Lincoln stares stoically toward the Capitol building, with his Gettysburg Address displayed on the memorial.

Mount Rushmore in Keystone, SD

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is considered one of the country’s most iconic and memorable features. It consists of four US presidents’ faces carved into the granite rock face: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt, with a reappearance from President Lincoln. It’s a great place to visit, with millions of viewers coming each year. It’s an essential piece of history to reflect on.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

One of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge stands at 4,200 feet long and 746 feet tall. Other structures have surpassed it in size, but it resonates with tourists and residents in the San Francisco area as a piece of the city’s structural history. Made with numerous kinds of metals and fabrics, it’s open to cars and pedestrians, hosting over 10,000 walkers and 6,000 bikers each year. It may not truly have a golden color, but it remains beautiful to many.

Willis Tower in Chicago, IL

Originally known as the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower finished construction in 1970. As a result, it became Chicago’s tallest skyscraper. At the time, Sears, Roebuck and Co. was the largest retailer globally. Dominating the Windy City’s skyline and containing 108 floors, the black-banded building is still the US’s second-tallest building. One World Trade Center in New York City surpassed it in 2013.

The prevalence of the history of the United States in modern society is a great experience to behold. So enjoy the pieces of history right in front of you and take the memories back home.

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