New Recruit Firefighter

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Ryan Hassell

We have yet again added another recruit to our team! Meet Recruit Firefighter Ryan Hassell. Hassell is a 2022 graduate of Dyer County High School and reached out to one of our other recruit firefighters on what it’s like being a volunteer firefighter and what makes Bogota such a great department. We have a small process for candidates to complete and then we decide wether they have what it takes to be a firefighter. So we always ask why the candidate wants to be a volunteer firefighter knowing they will not receive any compensation for doing it. So Hassell responded with this, “I wanted to join because I am a correctional officer at the Dyer County Jail and most of my family are firefighters along with my step dad. I hope to one day possibly go full time in this profession, if I succeed. I also wanted to join because I wanna help where help is needed and learn new ways to serve the people who depend on us.” We also asked Hassell why he chose Bogota, he replied with, “I chose Bogota because of all the good things I’ve heard about the department and how much of a brotherhood it is even outside of firefighters all together.” We definitely have a good group that strives to better themselves and each other on the department. We can not wait to watch them grow as certified firefighters and continue to grow as a brotherhood.

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