Office Organization Mistakes You Keep Making

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Office Organization Mistakes You Keep Making

There’s nothing better than finding yourself in a flow at work or school. During those moments, it feels like everything is falling into place in the best possible way. However, you can easily find that flow stop in its tracks if you can’t locate a special item or document.

You don’t want to spend precious moments looking for that item, which can easily take you out of your flow. The key to avoiding that situation is organization. That’s why you need to know about the office organization mistakes you keep making.

Continuous Adding

It’s completely understandable that you want to purchase all the coolest stationary gadgets and gizmos for your office. There always seems to be something new and interesting that catches your eye that you can’t help but want to add to your desk. However, continually adding new items to your desks can lead to disorganization if you don’t also rotate older items out. That’s why it helps to make a rule to remove old, broken, or unused items from your desk before you decide to treat yourself to something new.

Zero Tidying Up

Sometimes we tend to forget that to have an organized desk, we need to maintain it. One of the best workspace organization tips to set you up for success is to tidy up as you go. Keep in mind that you spend hours at your desk, which will result in considerable messiness by the end of the day. As such, make it a habit to tidy up throughout the day and when you finish your work day. Doing this will also benefit you the next day, as it’ll feel refreshing to return to a clean and tidy desk.

Not Emphasizing Efficiency

Another office organization mistake you may keep making is failing to emphasize efficiency in your workspace. For example, if you opened your desk drawers, what would you see? Would your desk show random items that offer no benefit to you, or would it show pens, highlighters, and sticky notes you could reach for at a moment’s notice?

Your desk should contain items you’ll need throughout your work day, such as stationery items or documents you can easily find. Maximizing this type of efficiency will help you maintain a workflow without any bothersome interruptions.

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