One year ago Tornado ravages Lake County

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Many homes and businesses were completly destoryed when an F-3 tornado ripped its way through the Reelfoot area a year ago this week. The repair is still underway as storm debry and empty building lots are a grim reminder of that dreadful night.

A year ago this week Reelfoot Lake area residents wakened when a tornado ravaged the area demolishing homes and businesses all along the lake on Friday, December 10, 2021.
Warnings had been issued throughout the week that severe weather was headed that way.
Nothing could have prepared any of the residents of what was to come when the F-3 tornado hit about 8:30 p.m.
Many took shelter in storm shelters, bathrooms and hallways as the massive storm tore homes and businesses apart.
Emergency personnel worked throughout the night to rescue and provide aid to those caught in the direct line of the deadly storm.
The Lake County High School served as a triage point for those injured as well as a shelter.
The National Weather Service reported that 11 tornadoes touched down in Tennessee that night resulting in four deaths.
Two of those were a father and his 12-year-old son who were on a hunting trip, staying at the Cypress Point Resort.
The scars of that deadly night are still visible with empty building lots, twisted trees and an empty concrete slab where the Lakeview Restaurant once stood. The historic Roadhouse at Bluebank was also destoryed.
Tony White had owned Cypress Point for 30 years. In addition to his business damaged his farm and his daughter’s home.
This was the same home where he was born. The house and all of its contents were a complete loss.
White said that he has not decided whether or not he will rebuild Cypress Point. He is concentrating on getting his daugher’s house back together and the farm fixed up where he can make a crop.
White said the most important thing when something like this happens is your friends and family. “They all pull together and came in and started helping with the farm, Cypress Point and his daughter’s home,”
White said. “Family and friends, everyone came in and pitched in and went to work.”

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