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Down Memory Lane
By Joyce Caughron Rhodes

So many times we might think of something, in our memory tales, that we probably had rather not remember. This memory caused me to be sort of afraid, at the time this happened.
My sister, Carol, was visiting me from Memphis and we had just finished our lunch and trying to decide what to do. I had a new Ouija Board.
About this time, this was sort of a popular board game people were experimenting with. I’m not sure if I purchased this or if someone gave it to me. I said, “Carol, let’s try out my new Ouija Board.” “I know there’s nothing to it, but it might be fun.”
“I tell you what, let’s get a tablet and pen and write down any messages that might come through.” Now, this Ouija Board had all the letters of the alphabet, plus the numbers 0 through 9. It also had the words “Goodbye,” “Yes and “No.” We sat at a table and were very comfortable. The upside down heart shape thing is called a Planchette or Pointer. We followed the instructions and lightly placed our finger tips on top of the Planchette. I started off by asking simple questions like, “Will it be a pretty day tomorrow?
The Planchette moved to “Yes.” I looked at Carol and she looked at me and each one of us was wondering if the other moved the Pointer. This went on for a while until we got tired of it.
A couple of hours later, we decided to try the Ouija Board again. This time, it was completely different. Carol asked, “Is there a Spirit in this Ouija Board?” To our surprise, the Planchette began moving, pointing to one letter and then to another, pretty fast. It spelled out a female name. I began writing on the tablet. She asked another question. “When were you born?” This is what surprised us very much. It spelled out, “During the Potato Famine.” I looked at Carol and she looked at me and I think we both had a shocked look on our faces. I couldn’t even remember, from history lessons, when the Potato Famine took place and I don’t think Carol could either.
The next question we asked was, “Were you married?” The Planchette began moving and spelled out, “Thou asked too much.” Again, we exchanged glances. I knew neither one of us would use the word like, “Thou.” By now, we were both beginning to feel uncomfortable. We decided to ask another question. “Were you pretty?” The Planchette move very fast again and the pointer spelled out the answer, “Pride is Sinful.” Carol and I both knew we were about to get in trouble. I knew she was not moving the pointer and I sure knew, I wasn’t moving it. We both agreed we better stop because this was turning into something that didn’t seem like a game. I have not used the Ouija Board since and this was
many years ago. The reason I mentioned this memory is to maybe help some parents. If your children, or anyone, wants to try this Board Game, please discourage them or don’t let it come into your house. I don’t know what would have happened if we had not stopped. I know there are strange things that do happen, that people can’t explain. I have since heard of bad experiences people have had with a Ouija Board or Board Games. So be very careful and don’t let something like this end up as a bad trail in your Memory Lane.

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