Outdoor Activities That You Can Do in the Winter

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It’s so easy to use the cold as an excuse to stay inside and never see the light of day until spring. Unfortunately, that isn’t very healthy or fun! We need some fresh air and sunshine even in the winter. Bundle up, and head out to try these outdoor activities that you can do in the winter.

Sharpen Your Ice Skates and Get Skating

If you are fortunate enough to live in a climate where lakes and ponds freeze over and are safe to skate on, then go for it! Please always check with your area to make sure the ice is safe to be on. If not, some communities freeze over a parking lot or offer indoor skating rinks.

Ice skating is great exercise, and you’ll warm up quickly once you get going. Skates can be found in all sizes, so get the entire family involved!

Take a Hike in the Woods

Yep, hiking doesn’t have to be relegated to only summer and fall. Fresh, cool air can be invigorating. And while everyone else is complaining about not getting exercise in the winter, you’ll feel great knowing you had a great workout while actually enjoying yourself.

If you choose to hike to escape the winter doldrums, do be prepared. Check your area to see what parks and trails are open. Also, your summer hiking clothes and shoes may not be well suited where you decide to go. Warmth, comfort, and safety all need to be considered when you head out.

Enjoy the Snow with Sledding

When you are a child, one of the best outdoor activities that you can do in the winter is sledding. Here’s the good news—sledding isn’t just for kids! Sledding is the perfect way to get outside and laugh the day away.

As with all outdoor winter activities, it’s vital that you bundle up to stay warm. Then, choose your sled of choice, grab a thermos of hot cocoa, and find a hill!

It’s only natural to feel a bit cooped up in the winter. Getting outside and having some fun is a great cure.

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