Outdoor Summer Cleaning Checklist for an Efficient Home

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With summer quickly approaching and the weather steadily heating up, many of us are itching to get outdoors and enjoy the rest of our property. However, before we can take advantage of our beautiful yards and deck space, we need to first prepare these areas for the months ahead. We can’t enjoy a home that isn’t looking—or running—its best. This process involves maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. So, for those wanting to get the most enjoyment out of their home this summer, check out this outdoor summer cleaning checklist.

Wash Your Home’s Siding

A lot of dirt and grime can collect on your home’s siding throughout the year, and the nice summer weather provides the perfect conditions to get rid of it. With a quality power washer and siding-safe soap products, this project can take as little as an afternoon to complete. It will also leave your home with a renewed glow that makes its colors appear more vibrant.

Scrub and Re-Stain Your Backyard Deck

Your outdoor summer cleaning checklist should also include power washing and re-staining your backyard deck. Depending on how much damage your wooden deck has sustained over the winter months, you may only need to give it a good wash. However, if you notice that your original deck stain has faded, or the wood itself has splintered, you may need to take extra steps to repair it. Though this might be a bit of work, the refreshed result is more than worth the effort.

Rinse and Fix Damaged Grout Around the Home

It’s also important that you wash the exterior windowsills and door frames around the home. In doing so, you might notice spots along these areas where the grout is loosening and flaking away. This can make your home more susceptible to things like water damage and insects in warmer weather. As such, it’s vital that you not just clean these spaces, but that you also repair the grout with fresh caulk.

Service Your Home Septic Tank

While servicing your home septic tank might not be the first thing that comes to mind when cleaning your home, it’s just as important to keep it running efficiently. All wastewater produced in your home collects in the septic tank and rises over time. Because of this, your water consumption is directly related to how often you should pump out your tank. For an average-sized household, it’s recommended that you get your septic system pumped out by a professional every two to three years. This ensures that the water levels don’t overflow and potentially ruin your beautiful property.

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