Path to Success: Importance of Gross Motor Skill Development

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Parents worry about a lot when it comes to their kids. No matter how young or old, there is always something that a parent worries about. Typically, the underlying theme is health and happiness, and that starts from a young age. There are affirming ways to speak and build a relationship with a child that lead them to become more well-rounded and developed. But there are other ways you can help your children develop, and part of that involves their motor skills. Learn more below about the importance of gross motor skill development, and see what a difference this can make on the health of your child!

Helps Develop Strength

One of the most important reasons that gross motor skill development is important comes from the strength kids develop. When children work on gross development—standing, jumping, throwing, pushing, etc.—they’re working specifically on their strength and endurance. These help children to build stronger muscles to carry them through their lives. The stronger, more solid their muscles, the better their ability to perform everyday functions. Furthermore, a child with a more defined muscular structure has a smaller chance of injury.

Aids in Complex Skill Development

Gross motor skills are one of the first things a child learns. It all starts with their trunk. From there, they begin to develop arm and finger control and then progress to leg and foot control. When we work with kids on their gross motor skills, we’re helping them build the baseline for future, more complex skill development. For example, when a child feels more confident with their running and kicking abilities, that encourages future success in activities like soccer.

When we help children enhance and refine their motor skill development, we give them the tools they need for further success. Complex skill development in the future doesn’t seem as unimaginable when they have these skills under their belts.

Improves Confidence

Successful development looks different for every child. Depending on their abilities, their accomplished development will look different than the child next to them—that’s okay! But what helps lessen that need to compare and reduces the chance of poor self-confidence is when a parent is doing everything possible to help them reach their own development peak. That often means delving heavily into activities that help develop gross motor skills. When they are able to participate in games with other children and can approach a basic task with confidence, then their self-esteem will build.

When you work with children on these various routes of development, then you’ll help them be happier and healthier for the future!

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