Professional Hairdressing: Tips for Styling Bangs

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If you work as a professional hairdresser, you’re most likely familiar with your clients’ requests for bangs. As it’s one of the best ways to completely switch up a person’s style, bangs are a frequent topic of conversation among those in the industry. As such, we each learn a little bit more every day about how to structure them and best meet our customers’ needs. So while they can be a bit intimidating at first, these professional hairdressing tips for styling bangs make the process a bit more straightforward.

Take Note of the Client’s Face Shape

The primary reason why bangs can be so risky to style is that the client often either loves the finished product or hates it. For this reason, making sure that the cut aligns with the individual’s unique face shape can really work in your favor. When the bangs curve with the shape of the head and flow properly, the look appears more natural, and there’s a better chance that the client will like it.

Consider Direction When Blow-Drying

Speaking of flow, the overall direction of the bangs is also a major factor that determines the success of the style. However, unless you’re cutting them straight along the eyebrow line, they’ll need to be appropriately directed to get the desired effect. The easiest way to accomplish this is by blow-drying the hair and brushing it out at the angle of choice. Drying this way makes the hair more likely to stay in that formation and align with the new part you’ve created.

Use the Right Shears to Cut Bangs

Another important professional hairdressing tip for styling bangs is to use the right shears for the type of bangs you’re styling. One can form bangs at any angle to create a series of different effects. As such, the main way to get the specific look your client is after is to use the perfect pair of shears for creating that style. For blunt bangs, this is precision-straight shears, while sideswept bangs often require you use blending or texturizing shears to create a wispy appearance.

Go Easy When Using Products

When you’re in the process of styling bangs, make sure that you aren’t using too much product on this section of the hair. Bangs are often thinner than the rest of the hair on a person’s head, so if you apply products heavily to them, it could make them appear greasy or weighed down—not a good look. For this reason, it’s best to apply products to the rest of the head first and use whatever residue is left on your hands to gently treat the bangs.

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