Pumpkin contest winners

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Mr. Kimble’s class – third place – Cambri Cruce with The Nightmare Before Christmas, second place- Bayleigh Ann Howard with The Ugly Duckling, first place – Bryleigh Seibre with Captain Underpants
Ms. Madison’s class- third place – Alaina Choate with Elmer and the Wind, second place – Audrie Johnson with The Nightmare Before Christmas, first place – Gabby Kimble with Tattle Tounge.

What an eventful week at Lars Kendall School. The third grades competed against each other. The classes had to read a book, write a report on the book, then chose a character from the book and decorate a pumpkin resembling the character. They didn’t stop there. When the report and pumpkin were finished, each child gave an oral report and presented their pumpkin to the class. Congratulations to each winner.

Ms. Nadine’s class – third place – Kobe Hodoe with Catch a What? second place – Carter Moss with Inspector Flytrap, first place – Kayson Wallace with The Boy Who Never Gave Up.

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