Reading tips for parents!

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Gamble Snyder
MNES Principal

Connecting to texts:
• Listen attentively to books being read aloud.
• Understand how books are held and read.
• Identify authors and illustrators and explain their roles.
• Describe the differences between nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.
• Participate in reading familiar books by supplying some words.
• Talk about books they read, asking and answering questions about the text.
• Make connections between a book and their own lives.
• Make predictions about what will happen in a story.
• Compare the adventures of characters in familiar stories.
• Retell a story in order, including details about the characters, settings, and major events.
• Act out stories they have read.

Fold and staple paper to make blank books that your child can use to write and illustrate stories
or poetry. Use completed books during read-alouds or add them to the family library.
The more your child has access to different texts (books, magazines, newspapers), the more your child will begin to recognize letters, sounds, words, and then sentences. It is so important to read to your child and/or with your child every day!

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