Reasons To Use Cattle Panels in the Garden

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It is never too late to get started on your garden. Even if you lay the groundwork and build your structures this year, that’s one less step you have to do next year when you’re ready to start planting. Creating a garden out of cattle panels is a great idea because cattle panels offer extra support for your heaviest plants that grow on vines. But those aren’t the only reasons to use cattle panels in the garden. Keep reading to discover how to use cattle panels for gardening.

Create a Vertical Trellis

Use cattle panels to create a simple vertical trellis that you can move in and out of your yard seasonally. Drive T-posts into the ground and attach panels to the posts. The way to attach cattle panels to wood posts is to lean a panel against a post, then use fence fasteners to secure the panel to the post. Once you’ve built your trellis and planted your seeds, you’ll need to guide the vines through the trellis as they grow.

Pro Tip: Use wood posts and horizontal structures with your cattle panels to create a berry trellis. The additional support to your trellis keeps your berry plants safe.

Make a Framed Box Vertical Trellis

For a more decorative garden element, use a framed box vertical trellis that is raised and made of cedar, pine, or redwood. This typically creates a more permanent garden that will last for years. To set up the frame, connect wood posts with 2x4s, then attach the cattle panels with fasteners.

Put Up a Leaning or A-Frame Trellis

One of the most popular reasons to use cattle panels in the garden is to create an A-frame trellis or leaning trellis. These types of trellises are great for beans, peas, squash, and melons, as the vines will wind up the structure while the fruit hangs below for easy plucking. To create an A-frame trellis, insert two wood or T-posts into the ground and lean two cattle panels against it to create an “A” shape. You can lean a cattle panel against a barn or other structure to create a leaning trellis.

Design an Arch Trellis

You can bend cattle panels into the shape of an arch and place them over a walkway or the entrance to your garden. Ensure it is tall enough that you can stand and walk beneath it. An arch trellis is not only gorgeous but also allows you to pick your favorite plants while standing beneath it. Secure bent panels inside wood posts with cable ties or wires to create your arch trellis.

The reasons to use cattle panels in the garden are numerous. You can create multiple types of trellises, protect prize plants, and design your garden to look exceptional. There is no limit to what you can do.

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