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Refresh and Restore: Tips To Make Your Car Look New Again

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There’s nothing like a car that looks, smells, and drives like new. Buying a brand-new car might not be in the budget, but there are plenty of ways to achieve that sleek, shiny look for your current vehicle. With the right products and a little elbow grease, you can clean up the interior, fix that paint job, and enjoy cruising around in a car that looks like it came straight off the lot. Find everything you need to refresh and restore with these tips to make your car look new again.

Start With the Interior

Cleaning the interior of your car takes some time and effort, but it’s no different than cleaning part of your house. Start by grabbing a garbage bag and getting rid of any trash in the car. Next, clean out and organize clutter in the glove box, center console, and other storage areas.

Take a vacuum to the seats, floors, and all those tight corners. Wipe down plastic and other hard surfaces. Pay special attention to cupholders and textured surfaces that might have a buildup of dirt and debris.

Clean Those Dull Headlights

Even if the rest of your vehicle is fine, dull headlights will make it look old and faded. More importantly, cloudy headlights aren’t as bright and can prove dangerous when you’re driving at night or in bad weather. That’s why one of the best tips to make your car look new again is to refresh and restore your headlights.

Headlight restoration kits are easy to find at any store that sells auto parts and supplies. You can even find the perfect kit at an online auto parts store to ensure you have everything you need to make your lights shine bright again.

Freshen Up the Paint Job

Scratched or dull paint gives your car a worn look. Fixing the paint job takes a few steps, but the result is a shiny car that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Start by washing every inch of your car’s exterior. Next, use a rubbing compound to get rid of minor scratches that don’t go deeper than the car’s clear coat. You can then use polish to eliminate scratches, swirls, and other shallow small flaws in the paint job. Once the polish has the car shining again, apply a coat of paint sealant to preserve that gorgeous, glossy look.

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