Scummy scammers

dennis richardson

It is encouraging that our government officials are beginning to focus on stopping (or slowing) robo calls. This is long overdue.

It seems to me if the federal folks can spy into our personal activities via the Internet and other means then they can find out who is doing the malicious calling and put a stop to it.

Most of the calls that I hear about recently pertain either to the IRS threatening to shut down our bank accounts and put liens on our property and even send us to prison for a long time. These callous calls are not really from the IRS. I would think if I were in real trouble with the taxing authorities that I would get a scary letter by registered mail and if I didn’t settle it then my bank accounts would be hit with liens. The government will get its money, or make our lives miserable trying. They don’t need to make threatening calls. They just do it and leave it to us to fight and prove we are innocent.

Others, especially elderly, have received calls stating that their Social Security is put on hold unless they bow to certain demands.

Personally, I get calls from credit card companies that start off something like this: “there is nothing wrong with your credit card account. We are calling to offer you 0 % on new balances…” “Click.” Call ended by me. The last thing I need is another credit card. Dave Ramsey would frown.
Where do these calls originate?

It has been many months since the guy “from Microsoft” called and said there was a “malicious virus in my Windows operating system” and that I needed to give access to my computer so that it can be fixed. That call was from a puzzling phone number and occurred about the same time each day for a week. I don’t use Windows. Our laptops are Macs. Again, “click”.

What about Ransomware? I try to keep my laptop backed up to an external storage drive. Even that may not be safe. There’s not much on my laptop that would interest anyone unless they have a burning desire to read my columns for the last couple of years or view the photo gallery of my grand kids.

Oh, there’s Facebook but mine is too boring for a hacker.

What can we do to keep scammers out of our lives? Can’t they get legitimate jobs and earn their living in real jobs? I would think our government has the means to shut them down. They deserve to be put in cyber prison or some far away place … like Jupiter.

That is my opinion. What is yours?


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