Sensory Friendly Holiday Gifts for Children

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Sensory Friendly Holiday Gifts for Children

It’s that time of year to start spreading holiday cheer. Giving gifts to your loved ones and watching their reactions is always a treat. However, finding holiday gifts can be tricky if you have a child with autism. Children with autism are no different from other kids regarding toys, but some toys may be overwhelming for them. That’s why finding sensory-friendly gifts are essential for your child’s health and wellness.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect fun but calming gift, here are a few sensory-friendly holiday gifts for children.

Water Beads

Water beads are the perfect sensory-friendly holiday gift for children. These look and feel amazing. They start as tiny beads but grow into marbles after four to six hours of soaking in water. The beads can come in many colors, like pink, blue, green, and more. This unique gift could also double as an educational gift. Many educators use water beads to represent the frog eggs when demonstrating their circle of life. However, it will also suffice if your child just wants to play in the water all day.

Moon Sand

Moon sand is one of the best sensory-based toys for children. You can find this sand in most toy sections, and kits are affordable, around $10-20—the bigger the set, the more expensive. Like Play-Doh, moon sand allows you to make shapes and structures with sand!

You can have an indoor beach day without the mess—a great sensory activity for cold days. This is also perfect for treasure and scavenger hunts because the sand is so dense that you can hide anything in it without getting too lost.

Play Tunnels

If you have a toddler with autism, play tunnels are the perfect holiday gift. From playing hide and seek to crawling, your toddler can create their own little world using play tunnels. This toy is also great for building communication and motor skills. Place these tunnels in a playroom, backyard, or living room to allow your child to explore their imaginary world.

Fun Fact Books

If a particular event or topic fascinates your child, you should gift them a book full of facts. This is a perfect gift for older children but excellent for all children. Fun fact books will show that you’re interested in their interests and investing in their education. Whether it’s a fun fact book on space journeys or McDonald’s burgers, your child will love it.

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