Signs That Your HVAC System Isn’t Working Properly

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If your HVAC system isn’t working properly, it’s best to find out during the more moderate temperatures of spring than the sweltering days of summer. After all, having to go days or even weeks without air conditioning during the summer months can create an extremely uncomfortable living situation. As such, you’ll want to identify and resolve any issues before a heat wave hits. To catch any potential issues as early as possible, keep an eye out for these signs that your HVAC system isn’t working properly.

What’s That Smell?

A common indication that something isn’t quite right with your HVAC system is the presence of strange scents. If the air coming out of your HVAC system smells slightly burnt, your system may be experiencing electrical issues. Because wiring problems can pose a serious safety risk, you will want to get your system inspected straight away.

Aside from burning scents, your HVAC system may also give off more musty smells. Such smells often indicate that your HVAC system has a mold outbreak issue. To prevent mold spores from being blown all throughout your home and threatening the health of its residents, contact a professional HVAC inspector immediately.

That Doesn’t Sound Right

In addition to strange smells, strange noises also indicate the presence of an HVAC issue. Unusual sounds may include clicking, clanging, banging, squealing, gurgling, or squeaking. Essentially, any noise outside the realm of a normal humming sound.

Such unusual noises will most likely come from your outdoor unit while it’s running so it’s good to step outside and check on it every once in a while. If you notice any of the unusual noises listed above, contact a professional to identify the source of the issue before it develops into something even worse.

Temperature and Airflow Issues

Temperature and airflow issues are also common signs that your HVAC system isn’t working properly. For example, if your HVAC system is blowing out warm or humid air when the temperature is set to cool, something isn’t right. Often, the output of warm, moist air is the result of low refrigerant, faulty ductwork, or a compressor issue.

If the air coming out of your system is cool but the flow is very weak, the issue may also lie with the system’s compressor or air ducts. Contacting an HVAC professional will be the most effective way to pinpoint the problem.

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